Silver Kings Hard Enduro


Spectator Gondola Event Passes will be available for pre-purchase as of January 10, 2024 through midnight June 23, 2024

  • 2024 Toyota SKHE spectator gondola/lift event pass quantities will be limited to 2000 per day
  • IF AVAILABLE, full price gondola/lift event passes can be purchased at the Gondola ticketing office (on the outside of the Resort check-in/reception area) as of June 24, 2024
  • Gondola will be open on Wednesday for scenic gondola rides only…no bikes or ebikes allowed (tickets available direct from the ticketing office)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Spectators cannot use racer’s terrain passes (these are non-scannable and can’t be used for the gondola)

Single-Day Spectator Daily Event Passes

$42.35 (including ID tax)

3-Day Spectator Event Pass

Passes (Thu, Fri, Sat)

$116.55 (including ID tax)

Kids Under 3 Free