Silver Kings Hard Enduro





  • Silver Mountain Resort does not allow dogs on the gondola or on the mountain on Event Weekends. This is for the safety of the dogs, the spectators, and race participants. !!!DOGS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE GONDOLA ON THURSDAY, FRIDAY, OR SATURDAY!!!
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times when on Silver Mountain Resort property!!!
  • Please do not let your dog roam at any time when on Resort property (including the parking areas and all areas of the Silver Mountain Resort base village)
    Silver Mountain Resort allows pets on leashes in the village, and there are a number of pet-friendly rooms available at the lodge (upon request at time of reservation with a $35 fee), but the rules for dogs on the mountain are different when major events are being held. The Silver Kings Hard Enduro is a major event, and for the safety of all parties (dogs included) dogs will not be allowed on the gondola on any race/event days. Please contact the Silver Mountain Resort directly if you have any questions about this Event Weekend Policy as it pertains to dogs. The Silver Mountain Resort Event Weekend Safety Policy can be found HERE. This policy will be enforced by the Silver Mountain Resort staff.


A lot of people bring their dogs and would like them to be looked after while they are up the mountain watching the race action. Here is the contact information for the companies that do daily and overnight dog boarding in the area.


  • Phone: (208) 784-1381
  • Email:
  • Website:



  • Phone: (208) 682-2771
  • Website:


  • 2024 SKHE spectator gondola event passes will be limited to 2000 per day
  • Race days are Thursday June 27th, Friday June 28th, and Saturday June 29th, 2024.
  • Spectator gondola event passes will be available for pre-purchase on this website from January 10th, 2024 through midnight June 23, 2024
  • IF AVAILABLE, spectator gondola event passes can be purchased at the Gondola ticketing office (on the outside of the resort check-in/reception area) from June 24, 2024
  • These passes are valid on all chair lifts that are running on to of the mountain, as well as the Gondola to get up the mountain
  • Spectator gondola event passes are non-refundable
  • PLEASE NOTE: Spectators cannot use racer’s terrain passes (these are non-scannable and can’t be used for the gondola)
  • Gondola will be open on Wednesday for scenic gondola rides only…no bikes or eBikes allowed (tickets available direct from the ticketing office)

7:30 AM

It is advised to start lining up at the Lower Gondola House early, as the line gets long.

All spectators will need to sign a Silver Mountain Resort release of liability waiver before boarding the gondola. There will be a table set up at the Gondola House entry for spectators in line to sign this waiver.

YES!!! There will be a total of 150 RV or truck+trailer parking spots (referred to as “Overnight Parking”) directly across the street from the Silver Mountain Resort.

Overnight Parking is permit only.

Permits will be available for purchase online in the Silver Kings Hard Enduro store as of January 10th, 2024 (there will be a link HERE, and on the front page, as soon as they are for sale).

This parking area is where the majority of the racer mechanicing action happens when racers aren’t racing.

Very close to the Gondola House (literally across the road) for spectators getting up the mountain.

Click on the image to see a bigger view…

Spokane International Airport (GEG)

  • Approximately 1 hr 12 min (75.0 mi) via I-90 W
  • This is the closest major commercial airport
  • Spokane International Airport serves 9 passenger airlines, some that offer non-stop service from these cities: Seattle, Portland, Oakland, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Boise, Salt Lake City.

For general aviation, two nearby airports offer fly in convenience year-round:

  • Shoshone County Airport (S83)
  • Coeur d’Alene – Pappy Boyington Field (KCOE)


You probably DO NOT want to fly into Boise Airport (BOI), it is approx. a 7 hr 32 min drive (421.4 mi) via US-95 N

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Taxi
  • Rental Car
  • Ride With a Friend
  • Car Pool
  • All spectators must access the mountain-top race via the gondola
  • There will be a number of ski chairlifts operating for watching the race and accessing various spectator points
  • It is advised that spectators wear proper footwear (such as hiking boots), bring a backpack with extra clothes, snacks, and water (a sturdy walking stick might come in handy for some)
  • Spectators may not ride motorcycles, ATVs, eMTBs, or other bicycles on the Mountain or access roads
  • Gondolas will be running continuously during race days, so you can ride down to the village if you forget something
  • The Gondola is the longest in North America (3.1 miles each way), and each direction taking about 20 minutes

We are sorry, but spectators, pit crews, assistants, biggest fans, etc. must either ride the chairlifts that are in operation on the mountain top, or access the race on foot.

Spectators may not ride motorcycles, ATVs, eMTBs, or other bicycles on the Mountain or access roads when the mountain is closed for the SKHE.

Important!!! The Silver Kings Hard Enduro will be run on the Silver Mountain Ski Resort terrain.

This is the only time in the year that dirt bikes are invited on this private mountain.

The Silver Mountain Ski Resort has only granted vehicle permissions for this event to Silver Kings Hard Enduro racers, designated SKHE staff, and race medical personnel for safety reasons.


9:00AM to Noon

  • Spectators must ride the Gondola up the mountain
  • The Prologue EnduroCross section is directly next to the gondola house on the top of the mountain (referred to as the Mountain House)
  • This allows for better accessibility, so watching the Prologue is more fun and accessible for everyone
  • Food and drink (including alcohol) will be available from vendors, the Mountain House Grill, and Mogul’s Lounge
  • There will be racing on the mountain after the Prologue
  • If you have a portable stadium seat or travel cushion, it may be nice to have if you plan on riding on the chairlifts to spectator points
  • There are no chairs on the grassy slope beside the Prologue, so a seat or travel cushion could be useful for some
Silver Kings Hard Enduro Prologue


6:30PM to 8:00PM

  • LOCATION: In the city of  Kellogg
  • TYPE OF RACE: Straight Rhythm
  • WHO RACES?: The fastest 24 Gold and top 12 Silver class prologue riders
  • DESCRIPTION: 32 riders go head-to-head racing on a 300 foot rhythm course with concrete dividers, tires, log sections, and more. Riders will compete for premium starting positions for the Gold & Silver classes Hard Enduro main races and $6,000 in prize money.
  • WILL THERE BE BLEACHER SEATING?: Yes. There will be VIP bleacher seating. $15 per seat.
  • IS IT ENTERTAINING? Absolutely! It’s AMAZING to watch in person
  • Thanks to Adam Does Dirtbikes for this awesome YouTube video of the 2023 SKHE Street Rhythm race
509 Street Rhythm

Take your pick! Here’s a basic list of what’s available around Kellogg:

  • Silver Mountain Resort – 610 Bunker Ave, Kellogg, ID 83837
  • Silver Inn – 699 W. Cameron Ave, Kellogg, ID 83837
  • RV Parking – across the road from Silver Mountain Resort (referred to as “Overnight Parking”)
  • FairBridge Inn & Suites – 601 Bunker Ave, Kellogg, ID 83837
  • VRBOs in and around Kellogg

Click on the orange button to get more detailed information.

Silver Rapids Indoor Waterpark

  • Most Morning Star Lodge rooms (Silver Mountain Resort) come with some passes to this stellar attraction
  • There is a limit to the number of Waterpark passes available
  • If you are camping in your RV, or just want passes, call the front desk early: (866) 344-2675



  • Yokes Fresh Market in Kellogg
  • Walmart in Smelterville (5 min (2.9 mi) from Kellogg via I-90 E)
  • Mae’s Market in Smelterville (5 min (2.9 mi) from Kellogg via I-90 E)



  • There are a lot of restaurants in Kellogg!!!



  • Laundry Xpress – 97 E Riverside Ave, Kellogg, ID 83837
  • Laundry Xpress – 608 N Division St, Pinehurst, ID 83850
  • Riverbend Laundramat – 70 Homer Dr, Saint Maries, ID 83861
Silver Rapids Waterpark
Moose Sluice

For spectators, the Gondola ride to the Mountain Haus terminal on Kellogg Peak starts in the village of Kellogg, ID at the base of Silver Mountain at an elevation of 2,300 feet. Once seated in the 8-person Gondola carriage, spectators start their 3.1 mile (19 minute) ride up the mountain, travelling 3,400 vertical feet to an elevation of 5,700 feet.

This is a true ski mountain, and while it will most likely sunny and dry, it is advised that you come prepared for anything. What does that mean? Bring clothes for stellar sunny weather…as well as some layers in case of rain and cold weather.

Clothing recommendations: Layers are your friend, as a warm summer day can turn into the threat of snow very quickly.

Bring sunscreen and a hat, but also include gloves and warm gear if mother nature decides to turn down the temperature.

Worst case scenario is that you need to ride down the gondola to grab more clothes (about 20 minutes each way)…but it’s easier to make sure you’ve brought them in a backpack or tote so they are available just in case!

You’ll see race-spectator veterans with backpacks that hold everything from water and snacks to a compactable down jacket, beanie, and gloves.

Coming soon: Recommendations from an experienced race-mom for what to pack for you and your kids for the day.

Recommended items that should be packed in the stroller or pack. It’s a long gondola ride back down if you forget the essentials for the kiddos!

  • Stroller/backpack
  • Extra kid’s snacks
  • Diapers/wipes
  • Umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • Blanket
  • Change of clothes
  • Hydro H2O pack
  • Toys for the dirt/sand

A big Thank You to Katie Curtis for this info, as it comes from experience.

Yes! There will be a limited number of Wild Waters Waterpark day passes available for people who are not staying at the Resort (100 passes per day only).

These are $40 plus tax per day.

You will be able to purchase day waterpark tickets in advance online using this LINK.

If they are not available yet, please keep checking, as these passes are guaranteed to sell out fast once they become available for purchase.

No smoking, including e-cigs, is permitted at Silver Mountain Resort.

Please go HERE for Silver Mountain Resort’s full mountain safety page.