Silver Kings Hard Enduro


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International Racer Enquiries

The only requirement for international racers would be to have an AMA membership. The USHE Series is not inscribed on the FIM International Calendar, so an FIM license is not valid.


Race Bike Rentals

At this time the only company that we know will be renting dirt bikes for the race is:

Ready to Ride Rentals (RTR Rentals)

Contact: Beau Law

Call/Text: 602-425-7720



Class Changes

If for any reason you would like to change your class, please contact Rosemary Stearns

Please email using the same email address used in your Moto-Tally Pre-Entry to verify your identity.

This is also an opportune time to let us know what your t-shirt size is (if you haven’t already).


Is The USHE The Same As the RMEC?

Hard Enduro racing is very different to Enduro Circuit racing.

  • Hard Enduro: You start. You are timed. The clock does not stop until you finish your race, or you time out. Emphasis on technical ability on steep, difficult terrain and gnarly features
  • Enduro Circuit: Timed test sections with transfer sections between them. Emphasis on speed on logging roads
Race Number Requests

Racers who request an Annual Race Number by submitting an official request are allocated a number for the entire USHE series. To see what numbers are taken by series-riders click this LINK to AMA US Hard Enduro 2023 Bike Number List on Moto-Tally

If you do enter a race number request, the guys at Moto-Tally will do there best to allocate that number to you UNLESS:

  • It is already taken by a series/points racer
  • Someone requested it before you (Pre-entries are time-stamped)
  • You can request a number at registration check-in as well

If you would like to add a race number request to your Pre-entry on Moto-Tally, please email


How do I Get an Annual Race Number?

Riders who are wishing to run annual numbers will submit an official request to the AM (See 2023 AMA US HARD ENDURO – AMA Extreme Off-Road Championship Supplements).


How Many Possible Rider Numbers Are There?

All classes other than Pro have a letter after the number that identifies their class.

1 – 999: Pro (12yrs and up) 98cc and Up

1L – 999L: Pro Women (L) (12yrs and up) 98cc and Up

1X – 999X: 40+ Expert (X) (40yrs and up) 98cc and Up

1A – 999A: A (A) (12yrs and up) 98cc and Up

1B – 999B: B (B) (12yrs and up) 98cc and Up

1C – 999C: C (C) (12yrs and up) 98cc and Up

1W – 999W: Women (W) (12yrs and up) 98cc and Up

1V – 999V: 45+ (V) (45yrs and up) 98cc and Up

1Y – 999Y: Youth Lites (Y) (12yrs-15yrs) 98cc-250cc

Iron Kings: 50+ Expert (This is our own Silver Kings Hard Enduro class. Letter TBA)


What is the 50+Expert Class?

This year there is a class that is not part of the USHE series: The Iron Kings 50+ Expert class.

This is a Silver Kings Hard Enduro class: You won’t see it at other races unless race organizers see that enough people want more Vet classes.

It is a “Non-Points” class, which just means that you won’t get any points if you are racing the entire USHE series, but we still have awesome, handmade, custom trophies for the top three racers (created by Stephen Leddy of Selkirk Graphics) at the awards ceremony.

Why Would I Sign Up For Iron Kings 50+ Expert Class?
  • You want to race against 50+ rippers on the Silver course
  • You are not racing for points for the USHE series
  • You want to bring back other Vet classes (like 60+!)
I Finished in the Top 30 of Bronze Classes on Friday
  • The top 30 Bronze loop racers will be given the opportunity to race the Silver course on Saturday.
  • This is a free crack at the Silver course
  • If you podiumed in you class, you won’t risk your trophy because the Bronze trophies are given out on Friday night
  • If anyone in the top 30 isn’t interested in racing on Saturday, we’ll be doing our best to put in alternates from other riders in according to their finish times.
Last Year’s Race Results
  • Results can be found at the link below.
  • For 2022 Result, scroll down the page.
  • This is a good link to see all the results for 2022 & 2023 USHE series race results
Dogs on the Mountain During the Race
  • The Silver Mountain Resort has a strict No Dogs policy on the mountain during events
  • Dogs will not be allowed on the Gondola during events
  • Dogs need to be on a leash at all times while on Silver Mountain property
  • LINK to the Silver Mountain Resort mountain safety policies
Will There Be A Spectator Map?

Yes. There will be a spectator map this year. We did try to have one last year, but we were stymied because we took over the race at short notice, and because of the incredible amount of snow that we had to battle to carve out three different race loops.


Spectator Vehicles on the Mountain

Sorry, spectators may not ride the following to watch the race on the mountain:

  • eMTBs
  • ATVs
  • Dirt Bikes
Will Bronze be Just Logging Roads & Open Fields?

The Bronze course will not be all logging roads and open fields because The Silver Kings Hard Enduro is ran on 100% private land owned by the Silver Mountain Resort. That means that we are not restricted to only certain trails, and have access to the entire mountain. Also the Resort has also closed the entire area to mountain bikes for the event, AND allowed us to use the mountain bike trails for the race this year. This is the only time in the year that dirt bikes are allowed here, and why we are able to make the Bronze, Silver, and Gold loops.

Why is the Number of Racers Limited to 500?

This is the maximum number of racers that the Silver Mountain Resort will allow for safety reasons.

Do you have any other questions?

Please email Rosemary Stearns at If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find out.

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